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Here We Go Again: shoetingstar: Anyone else imagine Jim Caviezel stumbling upon their...




Anyone else imagine Jim Caviezel stumbling upon their fanfiction? Anyone else imagining curiosity getting the best of him and he actually reads it?? Anyone else have a panic attack at the thought?



I can SO feel the prayer session he’d have on my behalf.


Saying prayers for y’all souls…LOL

haha! thank you!!

Damn the prayer, I’d have a restraint order from Jimmy, a standing order from the local churches for a exorcism, about a gallon of Holy Water ready to dunk me in, and probably several rosaries worth of hail mary’s being burnt out…and I’d expect he’s still have the Winchester’s on hand just in case…

…and I reckon I could still make him sweat….

..So, no, no panic attacks at the thought. ‘Cause that requires an ounce of shame and honestly, I don’t do that shit when it comes to sex and having fun any more.


It’s a good thing I’m not religious, because I’m the definition of Born to Burn for a fundie.

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    Dear Jesus. Yes, you, the actual Jesus. Forgive me for tempting these souls with my utter sexiness. And Forgive them for...
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    hahahaha He will pray a lot, indeed :D:D:D:D …….Father in heaven forgive them because they don’t know what they are...
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    Please! I have nightmares made of this… @.@…
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    Blame inashke! My mind is pure and wholesome - I never think such things! (Yeah, gotta be careful with the kiddies when...
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    Seriously. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! I’m reading this while my 2 year old innocently plays a few feet away from me. I feel...
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    I know right?!! lolol
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    OMG the prayer cloak! Pieces girl, yeah some of those sex scenes would probably send him into confession for just...
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    I am pretty sure his browser filters out NC-17 content so I am safe :)
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    oh my … :P
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    Still not sorry! };D
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    oh my - I am imaginging beads of sweat running down Caviezel’s face - but is it wrong to want to lick it off ?
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