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Benedict's Q&A (opening question)

  • Me:

    Hi Benedict, how did you prepare and what experiences did you have with the role of James in Third Star?

  • [From memory what he answered]:

    He visited patients suffering from the same and similar cancer(s) to what James was suffering from to gain an idea of the mental state and the physicality needed to take the role. He couldn't shave his hair because he was due to start filming Sherlock season one or two (he "can't fucking remember which one") and he had to lose lots of weight. That was by exercising aerobically (swimming and running) and being on a very strict diet. [By this time a glass of wine was brought out]. He loved working with first-time (Australian) director Hattie Dalton and the cast and crew were a delight.

  • [There was about 5-10 minutes of this, this was all I could remember the most explicitly]

Errmm, Possibly going to apologise for the mind numbing amount of Oz Comic Con Benedict Event related spam I’m sending out everyone.

….But I totally got to see him !!!!!!!!

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