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About Me

Wait on ethereal inspiration to strike, so that one does not have to deal with the sullen and mundane interests of the uninspired…

I’m a mid thirties sapiosexual, polyamorous geek, lazy feminist, occasional greenie, atheist gamer girl. Married to one amazing boy, but always on the lookout for more amazing people to drag into the lower circle of insanity. I’m lusty, pervy and fully own my own sexuality.

I adore talented, intelligent, sexy men, and am constantly in awe of amazing women. Intelligence is possibly even more sexy to me than simple looks, but both together can take my breathe away. 

Expect lots of shameless pervy appreciation of the male and occasionally female form. The occasional Social Awareness alert and ranty grumble. If you don’t like opinionated woman, you may not like me.

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